Client Charter

FSKIK is committed to provide efficient and friendly services in the following areas:

·    To ensure the Faculty Acedemic Handbook is distributed during the first week of new studensts admission in each academic session.

·    To ensure students have done their semester registration through MyUPSI Portal within two (2) weeks from the date the lecture started in every semester.

·    To ensure Instruction Plan (RI) and teaching materials can be accessed through MyGuru within the first week of semester.

·    To sure complaints will be responded within seven (7) working days.

·    To ensure counter services for any inquiries are treated within five (5) minutes.

·    To ensure any approval for application to undertake activities are responded within seven (7) working days.

·    To ensure equipments and appliances for laboratory/workshop/store/studio is ready for use before classes begin.

·    To ensure Dean’s List are displayed two (2) weeks after the approval of Senate meeting.