Quality Objectives

·         To ensure at least 80% of students and staff comfortable with the facilities provided.

·         To ensure the ratio of lecturer to students is 1:20 for full-time students.

·         To ensure 80% of students will get CGPA 2.75 and above.

·         To ensure at least 70% of students will get at least CGPA 3.00 and above.

·         To ensure at least 95% of students will graduates within eight (8) semesters.

·         To ensure 75% of lecturers get good rating (score above 75%) in the course evaluation by students.

·         To ensure 95% administrative and support staff and academic staff meet the minimum CPD points by group.

·         To ensure 80% of customers satisfied with the services provided.

·         To ensure at least 80% of research conducted by the lecturer is in accordance with the direction of research faculty.

·         To ensure at least 15% of academic staff is the main researcher.

·         To ensure the academic staff reach the KPI not less than 80% KPI publications.